Robert Ames, PhD

Scientist Emeritus


As Director of Applied Sciences, Dr. Robert (Bob) Ames manages a network of applications-focused research relationships with Agricen Sciences’ partners, providing technical and scientific support. He also promotes awareness of the Company’s biological and biochemical plant nutrition research among the scientific community.

Dr. Ames has over 30 years of experience studying plant-microbe interactions and plant nutrient uptake.  Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Ames directed applied sciences at Advanced Microbial Solutions (now Agricen), which he joined in 2002. Previously, he worked as a staff research associate in plant pathology at the University of California, Berkeley, and was a research microbiologist for the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in California. He has also managed research and development for a private plant disease diagnostic laboratory, served as an environmental health specialist and spent a decade as a farmer, all in Washington State.

Dr. Ames received his BS and MS degrees in plant pathology from Oregon State University. He earned his PhD from Colorado State University, where he studied nutrient cycling in below ground ecosystems.