Steven Guan, PhD

Director, Bioprocessing R&D

Steven Guan

Dr. Shaohua (Steven) Guan has over a decade of experience in managing and executing fermentation process development. As the Director of Bioprocessing R&D, he leads fermentation research and development projects at Agricen Sciences, focusing on the development of new or enhanced product formulations.

Prior to joining Agricen Sciences, Dr. Guan was a senior fermentation scientist at Bayer CropScience (formerly AgraQuest), managing fermentation process development for biopesticide production. Previously,he was a senior fermentation scientist at Apotex Fermentation Inc., a research scientist at BioVectra DCL, and a process scientist at Acadian Seaplants Ltd., all Canadian companies. Dr. Guan has also worked as a fermentation technologist at Jiangxi – OAI Joint Research Institute of Food and Biotechnology in China.

Dr. Guan received his bachelor of engineering degree in fermentation technology from South-Yangtze University, China, and his MS in food and fermentation technology from the China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries. He holds a PhD in fermentation technology from the University of Hohenheim in Germany.