About Us

Agricen Sciences is an applied sciences research company leading the development of novel microbial and biochemical solutions for plant nutrition and health. The company’s cutting-edge research programs on soil-plant systems are yielding new insights for crop nutrition, soil science and nutrient management. By applying this knowledge, Agricen Sciences is developing innovative solutions to address the sustainability and production challenges facing modern agriculture.

Advancing Soil-Plant System Research to Improve Agricultural Applications

At Agricen Sciences, our dedicated science team and network of third-party and university partners continue to garner attention for the research and development of new technologies with the potential to address the challenges facing modern agriculture.

Using the PlantomicsTM system, which applies the integrated disciplines of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics and phenomics to the study of plant nutrition and health, we have a vast opportunity to unlock and apply new technologies and practices to enhance grower productivity. From investigating  better ways to manage the complexities of the soil ecosystem to seeking a more advanced understanding of the effects novel agents may have in stimulating plant response, our goal at Agricen Sciences is to advance the applications of science for the benefit of growers worldwide.

Based on Nature. Built on Science.

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