Neissa Pinzon, PhD

Director, Process Innovation

Neissa PinzonDr. Neissa Pinzon leads the Process Innovation team at Agricen Sciences, developing and optimizing unique bioprocess platforms for differentiated products. Her expertise ranges from fermentation technology, biofuels, and biomaterials to method development for purification, identification, and detection of biological products. Dr. Pinzon’s combined experience in bioprocess engineering and product innovation makes her interdisciplinary team the foundation for the development of innovative, large-scale systems and technologies at Agricen Sciences.

Prior to joining Agricen Sciences, Dr. Pinzon worked at the Biotechnology Institute of the University of Minnesota on novel methods for production and high-throughput detection of bio-hydrocarbons (ARPA-E funded) and at 3M on innovative materials for industrial applications.

Dr. Pinzon obtained her BE in chemical engineering from the National University of Colombia and holds an MS and PhD in chemical and biomolecular engineering from the University of Akron.